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The statistics initially sourced from the Codeable platform serve as the foundational data for this analysis. These metrics have been carefully modified and integrated into the unique scoring system utilized by Topical Developers.

The adapted statistics not only retain their original integrity but are also enhanced to provide more targeted and relevant insights for users of the Topical Developers platform. This bespoke approach to data interpretation and application underlines the commitment to delivering tailored, actionable insights that resonate with the specific needs and goals of our audience.

Codeable Data

Overall Rating

The overall rating is a crucial metric, representing client satisfaction and project success. Clients assign it upon the completion of a project and serves as a comprehensive indicator of the project’s effectiveness and quality. This score ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest possible mark. It’s important to note that this rating is a holistic measure, provided without any detailed breakdown or specific category assessments.


This metric represents a straightforward count of the total number of projects completed by a Codeable developer. It’s an aggregate figure that encompasses all types of projects undertaken, including both initial assignments and subsequent, recurring tasks for the same client. This tally is significant as it not only reflects the developer’s experience and workload but also serves as an indicator of their reliability and ongoing client relationships.


This metric is a straightforward count of the total number of unique clients a Codeable developer has worked with. It gets updated only after the first task with a new client has been successfully completed and signed off. This statistic is crucial as it sheds light on the developer’s breadth of experience and ability to attract and engage with a diverse range of clients.

Topical Developers

The data displayed on Topical Developers, which is sourced from Codeable, represents a specific moment in time. Our goal is to eventually establish a real-time connection with the Codeable API, but currently, this integration is not feasible. In an effort to enhance the current setup, we have implemented a rounding method for the number of projects and customers. This approach simplifies the data presentation, ensuring it remains concise and user-friendly while we work towards a more dynamic, real-time data integration in the future.

The overall scoring system has been revamped to offer a more distinct experience. The score now ranges from 1 to 100, with the Overall Rating comprising 60% of this total. Additionally, the Projects count and Customer count each contribute 25%, aiming to provide a balanced and average scoring system for all developers.

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